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I am a therapist, researcher, speaker and writer. I love to help see people grow, heal, change, and come into more fullness in themselves and their relationships. I am passionate about the well-being of all people, and want to make psychology and academic research accessible to a wide variety of people.

My passion in counselling is create a relationship built on safety, trust, and hope, where people feel accepted and challenged to grow in new and meaningful ways. I consider it a privilege to be able to walk with someone through their fears, challenges, and hurts, and help them experiencing healing and restoration.  For this reason, I see counselling as an opportunity to help people diminish pain and suffering, cope with the challenges of life (both normal and extraordinary), and experience increased joy, purpose, and self-acceptance.

I hold a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology and I am a registered clinical counsellor (RCC) in good standing with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. I am also currently a PhD student at the University of British Columbia in Counselling Psychology. I enjoy working with teenagers and adults with various issues, including anxiety, depression, self-esteem, body image, life transitions, mother-daughter relationships, and perinatal issues. While I have training as a generalist, I have advanced skills and training in the areas of trauma, eating disorders, body image, and marriage and relationship therapy.  I am skilled at using a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, including attachment work and depth-oriented psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, emotion-focused therapy, various trauma and body-based therapies, feminist approaches to mental health and therapy, EMDR, Lifespan Integration, OEI, mindfulness, and meaning and insight based therapies. However, I tailor my approach based on the specific goals and strengths of the client, so that each person experiences therapy that is a good fit for them. All the therapy I do is evidence-based and is designed to be empowering, with a focus on de-pathologizing the person.

I find it important as a clinician to be engaged in research which can provide information on how to best help people, specifically girls and women, experience well-being and thriving. This helps me stay updated with current information and approaches, and reminds me that I help other people grow best when I continue to find ways to grow myself. For my research in the area of women’s postpartum mental health, healthy body image development and eating disorder prevention, and women’s sexual health, I have been recognized by the Canadian Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association (Section for the Advancement of Women), the Looking Glass Foundation. In 2016 I was selected for the Young Investigator Award by the Taylor and Francis Publishing group for my research and academic work published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy as a young researcher. I like to conduct research that is meaningful, and then find ways to present that to people in both academic and non-academic ways which are practical, accessible, meaningful and enriching. 

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Hillary L McBride When we are struggling in life, feeling stuck, hurt, confused, or alone, we all deserve a place to talk with someone who we know will not judge or shame us, but instead who will walk alongside us and help us create change, finding our hope and strength.
Professional Affiliations

British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC)
Canadian Psychological Association
American Psyhological Association
South Community Birth Program
South Hill Family Health Centre
Altus Psychological Services
Becker Burrows and Associates
University of British Columbia

Hillary L McBride, MA
Registered Clinical Counsellor
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