*I am a therapist, but I am not your therapist. Therapy, in my opinion, is not just about the information I give, but also about the highly individualized relationship I build with each client, getting to know their unique needs, strengths, and challenges. This column is not meant to substitute individual therapy. And when it doubt, speak to a therapist about these issues — preferably someone who knows you, who you feel safe with, and is equipped to support you exactly as you are.

** All of the questions I received were complex, and profoundly honest. Thank you for your submissions. The questions answered in this month’s column were edited for length and privacy, while attempting to preserve the original question.

Dear Feminist Therapist,

I’m middle aged, healthy, and have a great life. But I’m struggling with a lifelong, deep, pervasive anger about having not only to endure almost constant sexual harassment, being treated as less than, having to be afraid of sexual and emotional violence, etc. Some of my friends and family members, whose solution to these issues is to pretend that they don’t exist, and call me a “man hater.” Where does one go with all these feelings about a problem that is not going away — indeed, it seems to be getting worse in some ways!  I have tried living separately from men, but still, this anger is always with me. What is your suggestion?


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